How to Pick a Protein Bar

How to pick the Perfect Protein Bar:

With all of the choices out there on the market, where do we even start in choosing a protein bar?
Let this guide help you remove any confusion on what you are looking for when choosing one of these protein gems!!!!!

Calories – anywhere from 150 – 220 calories should be your range in a protein bar – Any less, wont satisfy you and anymore, you should be having a whole meal – These are NOT MEAL REPLACEMENTS, they are to be used as a snack between meals, help with blood sugar, in a pinch with time, or to ADD extra protein to a meal – Generally in a MEAL REPLACEMENT bar, they are loaded with extra fat, sugar and carbs to get you in the 400 calorie range

Protein – anywhere from 15 – 30, depending on what your daily protein allotment is – Try to get the protein from a dairy source (whey isolate, concentrate) rather than a soy source if possible OR a vegan source (brown rice, pea isolate)

Sugars – No more than 10g. should be necessary in a protein bar – Generally anymore than that, you are in the “candy” bar range

Sugar alcohols – These are sugars that were created to not spike blood sugar (good for diabetics, which doctor approval). HOWEVER, SUGAR ALCOHOLS ARE SUGAR – THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN THE BODY OTHER THAN HOW THEY AFFECT BLOOD SUGAR!!!!!! THESE ARE STILL SUGARS and must be treated as such!!!!! Warning (sugar alcohols may induce bloating and stomach discomfort)

Carbohydrates – anywhere from 15 – 25 carbs should do the trick in a protein bar with no more than 15g. of net carbs (affect blood sugar spike) if not followed with an exercise activity – Fiber are carbs but help control blood sugar

Fiber – as much as possible when being used between meals to control blood sugar – Range should be from 10 – 20g


If going to do some sort of physical activity – Nogii bars or a Power Crunch
Snacks – Oh Yeah Victory bars, Oh Yeah “One” bars, Quest bars

Hope this little guide erases some confusion the next time you are in need of one of these protein “gems”

For more information, watch Jonathan Phillips from HB Max Muscle and Rich Homie Sean from HPN talk about what qualifies a protein bar as being considered “good”, how to pick a protein bar that is right for you, and cover what sugar alcohols are and how they affect the body.